BMCC Faculty Leadership Academy

Faculty Fellows

2019 Cohort

Sidney Askew, Accounting
Mohammad Azhar, Computer Information Systems
Lynda Carlson, Allied Health
Cheryl Comeau-Kirschner, Academic Literacy and Linguistics
Marcelle Edinboro, Nursing
Jennifer Gilken, Teacher Education
Luis Gonzales-Urbina, Science
Benjamin Haas, Speech, Communications, and Theater Arts
Maureen Keenan, Music and Art
Sophie Marinez, Modern Languages
Syreeta McFadden, English
Gloria McNamara, Health Education
Christine Priano, Science
Jill Richardson, English
Michele Ronda, Social Sciences, Human Services, and Criminal Justice

The Faculty Leadership Fellows Program was an enlightening experience. The program provided the intellectual, social and emotional space for me to think about the complex nature of leadership in a diverse environment on the level of administration and in the classroom. … What stood out most for me was reimagining how leadership values can be part of my pedagogy and mentoring relationships. This experience has changed how I identify leadership qualities in my students in the classroom, how I foster leadership opportunities and how I mentor students, faculty and staff.
Margaret Barrow, English, 2017 Cohort

2018 Cohort

Jean Amaral, Library
Edna Asknes, Nursing
Joel Barker, Accounting
Kirsten Cole, Teacher Education
Heather Finn, Academic Literacy & Linguistics
Andrea Garraway, Business Management
Eda Henao, Modern Languages
Christopher Jackson, Speech, Communications, and Theater Arts
Mark Janis, Speech, Communications, and Theater Arts
Catarina Mata, Science
Michael Morford, Art & Music
Chamutal Noiman, English
Jason Schneiderman, English
Rosario Torres-Guevara, Academic Literacy & Linguistics
Janice Walters, Teacher Education
Don Wei, Computer Information System

I gained a deeper appreciation for the diversity of the college as well as a deeper appreciation for how the college benefits from the richly diverse leadership skills that our faculty bring to the task. I saw that we all approached leadership from different perspectives but in pursuit of a common goal. I think we all left the program with a clearer sense of what it means to lead from one’s values and how our own talents can contribute to shared leadership at BMCC in large and small ways—in the classroom, within our departments, or at the college or university levels.
John Beaumont, Academic Literacy & Linguistics, 2017 Cohort

2017, Inaugural Class

Sangeeta Bishop, Social Sciences, Human Services, and Criminal Justice
Kathleen Dryer, Library
Judy Eng, Nursing
Eva Kolbusz-Kijne, Speech, Communications, and Theater Arts
Lesley Rennis Health Education
Margaret Barrow English
John Beaumont Academic Literacy & Linguistics
Vincent Cheng Speech, Communications
Abel Navarro, Science
Thaddeus Radell, Music & Art
Francisca Campos, Business Management
Leslie Craigo, Teacher Education
Janet Esquirol, Media Arts & Technology
Brenda Vollman, Social Sciences, Human Services, and Criminal Justice
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